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Future Belongs to Me - text

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Go on, attack me,
let your anger be your only argument!
You cannot hide your fear of me as someone better.
There you are, sinking in "normality",
you pull my legs down to your level!
Wish me the worst!
Kill your feeling of your wasted chance!
Yes it does! I enjoy your pain!
False, empty pride, but nothing to say!
No, you can't touch me!
No, you can't touch me!
But go ahead and hate me,
hate my consequence, in fight you just make me
stronger and stronger!
Go ahead and hate me,
hate my consequence, in fight you just make me,
just make me stronger!
I've worked for all and had nothing for free.
I had to pay a lot, love remains a dream...
Damn, who I was and the future belongs to me,
accept, or fuck yourself, or be my enemy!
Now, I'm here.
The future belongs to me!
Accept, or fuck yourself- the future belongs to me!
Now I keep fighting, couse I believe, that I can win.
You hate my life so real, couse it's so different then your
"slavery", couse I don't belong to this..
So please, show me your disrespect,
the only way to forget!
Drow in your greed!
Your jelousy just makes me sick!
Yes it does! [...]

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