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You know I still carry on, know that I'm still moving on
And on
And I hold the torch after all these years
All the years
And I'll fight for what I believe and for what I think we can achieve
You know the time has come to trust our hearts
Trust our hearts
The battle line's drawn all to clear
And I sure can't submit to fear
I have to take a stand for common sense and dignity
We know damn well there'll be no one to blame
If we get to the end of that cruel game
Because we might be the last ones to remember
What it's about
This is a stand against governement, institutions and corporations
Who will readily plunder the earth and crush a third of the world population
Just to fuel our rabid consumption, through entertainement and distraction
But what about life, love and compassion
What about the people that have no voice
Oh I know, I know, it's a fight we can't win
Oh I know but I'd rather fail than not try

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Des cendres et du désespoir


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