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This quartet used it around the world so they are called with magical sounding god names.
The original purity and musicality, as a duet with the wind,
in branches comes out as the sound of the harp
caught in the divine trap, delivers a sublime melody.

Indispensable presence to keep my offspring alive, it is a force,
an endless source of all kinds makes it an invincible and puzzling element.

Blow on the earth the start of your wrath, show mankind your most beautiful children.
Blow, blow, to lose it in the void, never quits your duel.

From who, from what do I take after what inspires me?
For who, for what, in sickness and in health?
What is this that carries us and blows us away?
So high, so far and so hard that it takes us away.

Domine Jesu Christe, Rex gloriae, libera animas omnium fidelium defunctorum.
Hostias et preces tibi, Domine, laudis offerimus.
Tu suscipe pro animabus illis.

And if air and wind are two different words, their heavenly duo causes many sorrows.
Fills the lungs with life and smashes bodies as puppets on unsteady walls.
Exploited, directed, polluted but never controlled.
Let the back and forth of Aeolus give your existence a tremendous desire to live and to build
on the opportunity of such a present.

But even then, you fail and it makes me sad.
Bold, vain, arrogant summarize you.
And as far as Creation even exists, you are still only puppets.
Without strings, blinded by your ignorance, doomed to a chaotic fate.

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Apocalypse (Requiem)

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