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An overwhelming darkness covers all like a cobweb from the bounds of the forest.
The trail is almost unseen only to be followed with a hesitating walk and a dark faith towards the ruins of the pagan altar
Under a dead tree the entrance to the crypt opens as the jaws of Hell.
Roots and thorns hide the horrors hidden behind the threshold.
A malignant epitaph is carved in the gravestone, the last words of the damned.
Many tried to seal the access though were doomed to oblivion or to fall into the crypt.
Deep inside beyond the gates amidst the stench of rotten flesh walls are made with skulls screaming in silence forever. Trembling spirits spread their terrors while they rot into the black waters of oblivion that trail life and sanity into a boundless Hell.

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Akerbeltz (ESP) texty

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