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Evil rise when Hell and Earth connect and the keeper
of the shadows turns his eyes to the dreadful souls
lightened with a dark spark.
Is when the legend becomes truth and the dark is a shield.
When the night lays darker and a glimpse of the moonlight
mesmerizes and freezes me, I know I am doomed
His spirit invades me and I am suspended in the void
that's when I see through the eyes of the wolf
A gap in the door
Redavni eht
Roaring from the other side
He is the flesh and I am the mind
being together a demon until the coming of the sun
murder is the way to stop the pain,
two essences in one carnal form, two opposites
dwelling in one, the invader the sieged
up to destroy all that appears in front.

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A Wave of Darkness


Akerbeltz (ESP) texty

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