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In the darkened glow
Sharp those visions lost
Mysterious eyes
Unfairly dazed my thoughts
Born in silent dew
Anxious wait
To cover them sound though wet
And it seems
That her eyes saw the fountain's drought
The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness grows
I set out a still night
It's the dream where I get lost
Names for unknown worlds
I hear, I walk
Where could I stay tonight
If I followed uncertain lights
Where could I stop to cry
Will you know at least I tried
Come toward my way
Now that time will find you
Far where the night glares
We'll meet
Mysterious eyes confused me
Sweet dreams, stay calm
Outside ...
The night will stay around me
And it's deaf and blind
The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness crawls
The foutain has gone dry
It will not want to yield that voice
Where could I stay tonight
I must follow uncertain lights
My own world will wait and cry
While I'm not there my eyes as those
Will see in darkness...

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