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The King Is Dead - text

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(After Owain's death, civil war
spreads throughout the land.)
The king is dead, into his bed,
No enemy could take his life.
His wisdom stands the test of time,
There's nothing left the king is dead.
Mighty in glory, his spirit ascends to the sky
Leaving the kingdom of Gwynedd
In grief and despair.
Can't believe the king is dead,
I can't forget the days when his great wisdom
Ruled the land.
Can't go on without a guide, I fear
That time of violence is what lies into our path.
We're all the same for the reaper blade,
The noble, the poor and the saint
In honor or shame.
A civil war is breaking out,
Our country burns, spilling blood.
The gemini, unholy will
Shields are cracking under the blade.
I want to scream the dishonor,
I'm down on my knees.
Demons of power are burning
Our country in fire.

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