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This Road has seen much more than me.
It's not a highway, or a driveway, or a street.
This road was built way back in the 70's.
It was one lane and was widened to three.

And everybody takes this road
to get into the city.
And everybody takes this road
to get out.
And we don't have to pay the toll,
so why don't you come with me,
and I'll take you anywhere it goes.

This road has seen you stop
and go through the traffic
that you sat in for hours.
This road can see your mind
when it's wandering,
and the secrets never leave your car.


This has seen you crying.
This road has taken lives.
Is there a passenger beside you?
Well they're on a mystery ride.

And if the sun refuses to shine,
well you can make your headlights brighter,
but don't you pull over,
and don't you get off this road.

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