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This is just a test, a test to see if we can make it last.
We never had to separate for such a long time, you and I.
I'm talkin' bout a test and I'm hoping that we don't get too depressed,
cause what if one of us becomes a total mess from all the loneliness.

It's just a test, test 1, 2, 3, baby I'm missin' you.
Tell me are you missin' me?
Cause it hasn't been a long time;
girl, I already wish you were by my side.

This is just a test where I'm finding out
just how much happiness
is missing from my life
when I don't have you next to me, every day of the week;
cause honey you're the best, and I'm sorry if I had to take test,
but I'm finally getting' all of this off of my chest,
what I already knew, more or less.


Driving on a highway under the gray clouds.
Sky opens up to blue
and I wonder if you can see it too.

Sun peeking out ahead of us,
gonna help us find our way
out of the gray, out of the rain.
What do you say?

Woah oh oh things they will get better
you just calm yourself.
I'll be here with you; you don't need anybody else.
I can make you happy, honey you can do the same.
When everything goes wrong we can find someone else to blame.

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