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Does God have a plan for me?
He doesn’t want me underwater trapped inside a submarine.
He wants me flying high above the trees.
He wants me up in front of crowds singing songs of freedom.

I don’t know what he thinks of me,
living life this way, honestly.
I could try to do more but I don’t wanna fake it;
I would rather shake it, and run around naked.

Does God have a plan for me,
and do I have to go to church or can I watch it on TV?
Why do we talk about him when we sneeze,
and why is everybody praying only when they need things?

I’m not sure what’s in store for me,
but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to wait around to see.
Do I live this dream or save it for my next life?
I should drive a fast car; I could have a sex life.

I’m not sure should I ignore these things;
should I figure out my fate before it brings me forward
into my life unknown, unlived, untold, unsung?
I’ve grown so much, so far, so good, without my life yet understood.

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