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Don't Tell Me What To Do - text


Don’t you tell me what to do
when you know where I’d rather be.
The only one I answer to,
that person isn’t you; that person is me.

Don’t try to make me feel bad.
Oh yeah that might’ve worked before
but I’m not falling for your act;
no I don’t need none of that.
I’m just looking for the door.

And you tell me all along that you like me,
but I’m starting to wonder,
cause you never seem to want to be beside me when I’m having my fun.

Don’t you tell me what to do,
and more importantly,
don’t tell me what I shouldn’t do.
No need to say to me
what you would do if it was you,
cause I never asked for your sophisticated point of view.

And don’t you look at me like that.
I’m doing everything I can
to keep my identity intact,
I may be sounding like an ass,
but I’m just behaving like a man.

Why do you tell me all along that you need me,
cause I’m starting to wonder?
I bet you’re wishing someone else
would supersede me
while I’m out having my fun.

Your heart has a mind of its own
and you ain’t learning a damn thing lately.

So just get out, just get out
while you still have a chance.
You’ll find someone you love completely.
Cause your heart has a mind of its own
and you ain’t learning a damn thing.

You told me all along you adore me,
still I continue to wonder,
cause all you ever seem to do is ignore me
when I’m having such fun.

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