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I saw a car that looked just like yours;
a silver hatchback with a dent in the door,
and I followed it around the block.

It started taking a familiar route
and I was thinking this has got to be you,
so I was hoping maybe we could talk.

Can't let go and I,
I should know that I would screw it up from the very beginning.
If you're the one then I
can't let you run away.

We ended up in a high-speed chase.
The tinted windows were hiding your face
when I drove up beside you.

You probably think that I've lost my head,
stopping at the green lights and running the reds but I,
I'm not gonna lose you again.

'Cause I


No we can't keep driving like this
because one of us is gonna end up dead in a ditch
and I, I'm not trying to kill you.

We both pulled over to the side of the road,
but a man jumped out and popped me in the nose
and I started rolling up my window;

but he ran over to the passenger side,
grabbed me by the shirt and he punched me in the eye
and I, I had to apologize.

I said “Please let go cause I, I should have known
that I was screwing up from the very beginning.
I thought you were someone and I
couldn't let you run away, no no”.

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