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The brightest moon hanging over me,
someday soon I hope you see.
Cold night in June, no one next to me,
but the white balloon above the trees.

If I'm gone by morning you will know
the brightest moon won't let me go;
but if by dawn, I'm resting in your bed,
the brightest moon has led me home.

Blanket of light covering the streets,
there's no one on this road, but me.
I tried to fight it but I, I couldn't keep my eyes
from wondering over hills and over mountains.


Moon… moon… moon… moon.

Brightest moon hanging over me,
such a sweet discovery
like snow in the shade in the month of May,
or realizing anyone can take your place
if you disappeared or went away,
start another life in a brand new place.

World seems bigger,
only trying to figure,
what else is gonna come my way.

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