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I met a man from Bad Axe, Michigan.
He had a drummer who was also from Bad Axe.
They came over to Boston
when they heard that’s where, the music is;
and got an apartment where all their friends could hang around or live.

They stayed a while; they played their songs.
They gave us lots of hope like nothing could go wrong.
They cut a demo; it just made sense.
It’s plain good rock & roll with Beatles influence.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, and if Bad Axe was here,
well they’d turn this mutha out.
Yeah, everyone would cheer,
and everyone would shout,

“one more song, one more song,
you'll find where you belong,
but don’t forget now where you came from;
don’t forget where you have been.”

You boys are from Bad Axe, MI.

Started a family, now times are tough.
It seems we songwriters, we’re never make enough.
So he’s off to Nashville; he’s tired of this.
Maybe this Boston music scene was just a myth.

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