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We Got the Force - text


We live for the fire within
Fighting the sands of time
Roaring louder day by day
Together we'll tear down the walls
Chained up, united in steel
Speeding faster on the edge

On and on until we die, we will carry the flame
Don't look back, our time is now
Forces will be unleashed

We got the force, we got the force
With the blood on our hands we carry on

Possessed by the power, we strike
Fueling the anger inside
Blood boils harder in our veins
Leaving the shadows behind
Like hammers to anvils, we pound
Time stands still, on this day

Pre Chorus

We got the force, we got the force
For the rage of your sins we carry on
Forever more

Standing tall in a lethal fight
Holding on, we shall unite
Feel the blade down your spine
Time has come, to draw the line

Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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