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Perhaps We Could - text


And you’re saying „Yes” again
When you want to say „No”
You say it peacefully
But in a while you shout
You have to ask someone else
As you’re afraid of asking me
Whether your question is important or not

I can’t pretend any longer
I want to know everything
That the scenes in my film
Are only days and nights
Nagging me so much
Now I do what I want to

Unwavering and sleepy
Like a shadow to you
And you, seeing me powerless,
Like a diamond thorn
Stick into me everyday
In order to get out again
Do you think you’re a diamond?
Do you think you’re OK?

Perhaps an ultrasonic flight
Will leave the bad thoughts behind
Perhaps we’ll finally get calm
And understand the time
Nagging me so much
Now I do what I want to

Where’s our ANTIDOTE
That will break the hazy dream?

Text přidal DevilDan

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