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Drop. Run for the door. Aggregate ID block, High beta recoil and vista agnosia fathering our seppuku. Our house is burning down. We're stuck at the door and the fat mans out cold on the floor. Fat man; expect to get fucked when you're gambling in trust. Disown when the shakeout breaks out and you've run out of luck. Surprise, as reflections die people tend to hedge their sides. Alive as an atom bomb, lets all work together to blow each other apart. Bow to the augur SMI. Pray to god you live even if the rest have to die. Petrified, when the equities synchronize into their dive. I find when the nectar dries that the bees turn against the hive. I know you would kill to live 'cause I know you just don't care. Too bad you can't save yourself since I pushed you down the stairs. Sell till you've sold out. Take and take and take and take and take and take and take until there's nothing left. Hardin saw the people dancing, but he also saw the strings.

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