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Aurora Borealis - text


Lull in scene here alone, as Nikita shakes in our home. Clouds of human view veil. All exist akin to their frame. Data convection is all we will ever know. Data convection is all we will ever know. So here I am on an empty road. Winds of Alaska are cutting cold. Need a drink of water but my waters froze. All my cares are still back at home. I guess I won't be here to see who my own son will grow to be. Permanence so heavy I can barely breathe. Patient Ivy, I am almost free. Moira calling, family gone. Moira calling, family gone. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing. Tonight I watch the sun's breeze. Memento painted to read; a rise for every descent. Night sky's as bright as it's been. Leagues down, they all drown. As I float here, I can't see the ground. Seem like I'm feeling through trees. The dirt is fusing to me. I feel my hands going numb, so I learn to let go. Blooming clean, space is freed and the glow is blending truth inside the womb.

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