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Yeah I don't see where to go. There's nothing ahead from my view. I don't really have much choice. I guess I'll go back with you. If I could just fork the stream, break the hydrologic cycle. But one thing that I can't do, my memories slack and fickle. One Piracetam door, so let me cut the bolt. The fat man destroyed the world, too busy with drugs and women. I'd never had made that call. 'Cause cripples can't beat their children. More Piracetam doors, more Piracetam doors, more Piracetam doors, more Piracetam doors, more Piracetam doors, more Piracetam doors. He hears there's a bear heading towards his citadel. He jerks my arm to leave his men, but all that he needs is a push down the stairs. Why am I still here? And everything's the same. I guess a push is not enough for change. Ivy, I need you to take me back again, forward a bit. I think I can kill the pain. I know that he is the catalyst of strife and I know that I need to purge him from my life. He can't code me if he's locked in a cell. One call, one day and I couldn't kill him. Carried away by Cerberus angels. So this is home, thin sheets and cold. No one to know, again alone. So what am I still doing here? And I don't see a change. It's fruitless to do anything, It's fruitless to explain. 'Cause everything is pointless, a point inside a plane. And reform is so forceless that motions hardly worth it. And don't you say I don't know God, that I can't understand. 'Cause if there really was a god you'd think he'd lend a hand. But everything is pointless, a point inside a space. And reform is so forceless that motions hardly worth it. And don't you reach out for my face. The circuit must be cut. I really find you beautiful. I shouldn't fall in love. And everything is pointless. It's pointless to give up. So take me back again dear so I can make it perfect. And I would not disclose the ambush if I knew for sure my father dead. As long as he's alive my life dissolves. In the time it takes for him to flip a coin I will put in honor and in joy a bullet in his mouth. And try to forget I am nearly him. I am nearly him. I am trying to forget. I am nearly him. I don't understand this. Yeah, shouldn't you be gone? 'Cause there's no fat man to pilot me to wrong. Maybe his presence was not the bane of hope. Send me back once more so I can change the world. Don't try to touch me, I need to make amends. I still can fix it with drastic measures. I could shift the country with just a sentence. I could not kill Ivan if I was MIA. I remember where I am, clueless to where I've been. I remember where I stand, clueless to where I'd stand. Waking up at who knows when, wish I had a clock. Nothing much to do in here, sit and think a lot. Bring my breakfast to my room, Eggs and coffee hot. Lay their script in front of me, memorized a lot. Air tight logic, acumen, fluid train of thought, I recite their sermon, then I can share my thoughts. Listen here, I'm gonna talk, tell you what you want. Just make sure I stay locked up. Keep me in the dark. Ten point seven five degrees north you fucking scum. One o six point six degrees east, so load your guns. I did everything that I could, Nothings different. There's a common means to the end. I'm the hindrance. Dragged by providence there will be no more struggle. Welcome helplessness into me, no volition. Please don't touch me Ivy, I cannot touch you. I have drifted out too far. I can't see shore. My son follows me in a well-worn direction. Let's go back Ivy I, I can save him. All I care about is you. Take this pill and go back to sleep. I love you. Despite rerouting the stream the water lifts into the air. I don't want to remember John Wheeler was not wrong. Just lie next to me. I remember almost everything. I don't remember meeting you. Fall with me, into the dark with me, into the fall with me, into the dark with me, into the fall.

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