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My angry troops behind me wait my command
With stard savage look far away
The horizon bright or steel
Sword hammer of war and axe, eager for blood
Shiver waitin' the beginning of the crash
Look they are too many, I don't wanna die
I hear someone cry
Stormmaster, stormmaster
In you we trust
We wanna feel power to pulse into us
From battle from battle we will return
With high in the sky, the standards of victory
You must not be afraid, it's wrote in your doom
The master of the storm give us the force to win
There's fire in my eyes, and metal in my veins
Maybe he is right, we will not die
Another battle we must face
In the air a cry will fly
Cry of battle's standards beavers
The master of the sky
Stormmaster are your altars, now by full by sacrifice
Water fire wind earth's power, come to us
I see big dark clouds, come towards us
Our prayers was heard, now starts
The massacre!

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