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Madness gleams
Eyes like thorns
Voices speak
Message of doom

Carves the flesh
Like blade in hand
Beckons the dark
From worlds within

Worms under skin
Grows like cancer

Lies like blood
In veins pump
Darkness dwells
In dark wells

Deep down await
Clones of pain
Bursting forth
Floods the truth

Internal exile

Framed by tragedy and death
Ashes and bloodshed
Vicious poison engenders hate
Soldiers of wrath

Engraved in my mind
Enraged to the end

Feeding of fear
Weaving a web
A shadow of doubt
Like wines of truth
Unkindness transcend

Ashes and hate
Spread by the wind
The axes will fall
Amputate the mind
Masters of the will

Feeding of fear
Weaving a web
A shadow of mourn
The blood is drenched
Beyond remedy

Whispers of war
Minutes to the end
The traitor slays
Bury us low
Bury us below

The pain a brutal wake
Rips open a sore
Where is the end?
Show me the end
Show me the end

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