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While Life Lies - text


Claws carving a story in the ground
Moss holding it down
Moulded memories abstained

Freaks with bare teeth
Grin and tear with violent intent
Wardens of terror

The makers of sorrow
and violators of space
Load the chamber
Aim through the fumes

Striving forwards
Turning, touching, trembling
Sliding backwards
Together but alone

Hearts pounding on

The air is hard to breath
Like a nightmare
The escape is slow and unreal
The taste of blood
Like iron in your mouth
Thorns weaving an armor
to protect you from peril

The prey becomes the predator
Thousands will fall on this earth
When the tyrants become the hunted

Severed foes
A hurricane of fire
Fall in line
Adapt to everyday's chants

Hold on while life lies
High praised men take your life

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