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The Battle Fought - text


Rites of separation
Cutting away my former self
Ticking like heartbeats
The theft of my time

Pictures of danger entangle my thoughts
Screaming so useless, my mouth is a trap
Choking on words, your name is a blur
Sedated, nightmares, phobia

Emotional landscapes
Their cure is a hoax
My blood is on fire
My lungs filled with water

Skin burns of fever but my body is cold as ice
Cold like I am dead
Unable to speak, my brain burst to flames
Bring on the madness, it whispers so close

A transplant feeding off me
Filling the circles, pus seeping through

Minutes became hours, days, months
Eternal night, my back to the sun
The battle fought
In hindsight, an uneven fight

Change needs to come after death has been seen
I remain motionless, awaiting my peace
Sleepless nights and woken days
Writing testimonies from the dead

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Rites Of Separation

Agrimonia texty

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