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Elevated souls of gloom
In between woken and dead
Stories are told to the deaf
Witnesses breaking an oath
Of secrets forlorn

Her tongue split in two
With threats to kill
Visions of violence
I see through the lies

An army at her command
Brutal and weak, hand in hand
Chained to the shadows
A breath still warm
Bleed, burn you beast
Breathe while you can

And bring your storm of ice
The pictures enclosed
A sentence taking shape
The message dissolves

Where lies the answer
Your appearance is vanishing
The tears you fear will heal your hate
To wake up the anger
Swallowing dust to flood your heart

A healing process like vast fields in flames
Molding parts and making marks
Traces your body

An outline that is you
A revisit at the bottom
Icy cold, darkness falls
Drips of rain
Like a worm you find your path in the soil
Dig the earth

Reach for the light
Fingers and nails do the work
Your aim is revenge
This war has no victory

An eye for an eye leaves you blind

Talion, a blood feud
Fueled by retribution

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Rites Of Separation

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