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Disappearing Act - text


Minutes turn to hours
When darkness turns to light
Distant shores draw near
Nightmares pushed away

Dormant until the last breathe
A crater in the minds of us all
When the vision is lost again
It reveals itself to be shut secure

Depart on the last journey
When the floodlight burns again
Unarmored but severe
The witness speaks again

Time for pay back has come
Until the final chords are played
Or the lack of time gives it away
We are unharmed

This is another world
A disappearing act

A volcano comes alive
Her fury
Open warfare broken out - forewarn
Destroying till the end of time
Brutal is our fate to fight

Play hide and seek
With lifeless dead souls
These walking mortals
That wake and feed at night
Their ghostlike eyes stare - invades the flesh and blood
Bringers of bad news - injected by fear
Anchored down by hate – just like parasites
Axes of evil cuts - a wasting disease

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