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Depths of despair unmade the world
Like a breath from our damaged lungs
When exhaled slowly to be spoken again
The ugliness of our times return

Nameless they are and will remain
Pale, burned away - they are moving unseen
Suffering the deeds of doom
Dark shadows in the cold light

Depths of despair unmade the world
Heading slowly for unknown terrain
Grit and sand carried by wind
We stray again, leaving the path

Light and shade meet in vain
Trust not what will be concealed

Never wounded, never knew blood is red
A reflection not seen, never seen alive
Scattered in the wind, the loss of mortal remains
A cyst on mankind, a failure in life

The perpetual circle unlocked
A gasp for breath, a guttural choke

A soul roaming the world
Banned from the stories we heard
Visiable only to the eye in the dark
She rises to avenge us all

Hunger of hundreds that greet what is left
Insanity spreads like an epidemic disease
Mourners are sacrificed to restore our sleep
Terror enters the doors of hell

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