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When fall is falling and winter weeps
They stand alone on the hills blackened by waste

Frostbitten faces and fanatic screams, syllables masked as words
Carrying the burden on their wings
Dreams mirrored in vast promises
This desert land, these stones have stood for a thousand years
But on our watch a lethal doze was injected

The wheels turn on this scorched earth, end it here or walk away

Forced back to the trenches, a gateway to a world that rots
A discussion in mono, case closed
The secret is out, the favors asked
They corrode, disintegrate to nothing
We have been proven guilty, bail refused

When spring sighs and summer sleeps
The roots will turn and dig the graves
Awaiting the dead hour
They will rise, reach for our throats
Bloodthirsty, ready for battle
The waves will sweep the wreckage away

As parasites we lose control
A smooth passage to the world to come

In the silence lies the naked truth
Our words ring hollow
Awaiting the timeless, nameless void
In the sky, beneath the black soil
The stones that have stood for a thousand years, disintegrates
Becoming one with us

The fires are still burning
Like warnings for the lost
Echoes of forgotten eras
Fade away into nothing

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