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It's all about...
It's all about money!
Save your flesh
And save your soul!
No need to pray
Just pay for forgiveness!
It won't be long
So take out and blow
No matter what you might been through
If you murder or whatever you do
If you go out and shoot to kill
Your soul is saved
The credit card will pay the bill
If you pay for your deadly sin
You will be free from the demon within
If you're poor, we'll say, however
A poor soul has to wait forever
Wait... Wait... Wait...
No remorse!
God for sale
Nothing is better than know you've just purchased your faith
God for sale
You're just five bucks away from heavenly grace.
It's all about,
It's all about money.
A piece of flesh can now,
Save you from hell.
No need to pray,
Just pay for forgiveness.
Once in you don't have to be afraid of disgrace.

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