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Under the Holy Dark Sign - text

The ancient says the legend
Tousand battles have to fight
But no one as battle with yourself...
How could you see it? How could be they?
You was conceiled for the light & shadows
Poet warrior, you never defeat. whom has the holy word...
You come with the Invocation of lost souls
Comes with you sword under the freedom & glory sign
When sucumbus into your blood
When you feel into your veins
The blood of the old heroes
Spills through your hands
And was born as a human spirit force
You rise with the blood lust
Demon of madness and plague
Comes with the Invocation of souls possessed
Under the torture & violence sign
You could live, you migth sleep
But you know He’s inside your mind...
You can pray and you could fight
But you ever feel the terror of his prescence
And was born as an evil spirit force
for many centuries they’ve been seeking each other
Just one time they will be face to face
To make a strom with the fight
Under the holy dark sign.

Text přidal DevilDan

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A.D. 666

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