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King by Blood Right - text

Time to rise my breed,
Immortal, my crown, is.
I shall be king!
After a feast of blood,
Three witches let me know,
I am their lord.
And praying for a king dead
I shall not fear of man?
No sword can take my hand
The servants in my hand
Are crying for the damned
Horizon to our land.
The children, dead now, bring
My so long wanted dream
With a murderer will.
Their hate begin to grow,
A brothers’ fight shall come;
My work is almost done…
Lead by my nephew’s hand
The forest, angry, walk;
Our land bleeding again.
To face the death is time,
We pay for all our crimes;
Now the king must die.
¡Hail to the king, he is victorious!
¡Hail to the brothers whom died!
Holding the head of the tyrant
Written the story is now.

Text přidal DevilDan

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A.D. 666

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