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Crucified - text

Lo this man! He tried to wash our sins with his blood;
I saw him, fallen, with his gore face in the mud under my feet...
And I’ve heard him crying for his father’ secret betrayal,
And I’ve washed my hands for the murderer act of his own people.
Come to see him,
The shepherd from Nazareth;
Come to laugh of him,
Behold that corpse in the cross.

I’ve stood in the shadows all this time of sorrow and slavery,
Since he spoke and no one belived the words from his heart;
Then he died, defeated, drawned in the mountain by the tears of whores...
I celebrate his useless sacrifice in the name of the lord.
Come to die for him,
‘Cause this battle I shall win
Come to pray for him,

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A.D. 666

Agnus Dei texty

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