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The Gift of Darkness - text


Nine black warriors
Ride through the ancient forest
Ride on black horses like shadows
Fast as the wind
Their long swords shining like Stars on heaven

“They guide them to their destiny”

Nine brave warriors
Walk through the ancient forest
Getting a great power
The most requested by evil
Evil creatures waylay them
To obtain what they lost a long time ago

“Their only defense are their arms and swords”

Screams of sorrow come from darkness
A cold evil wind blows from mordor
It is the fury of the dark lord
Who Acclaims the Great ring, the Most Powerful

“He Will recover it Anyway”

Three rings for the kings, of the high elves under sky
Seven rings to the gnoms lords, in their halls made of stone,
Nine, to the mortal men, condemned to die,
One for the dark lord, on the dark throne, in mordor’s land
Where shadows reigns
One to enslave all rings, to find them all in time,
And drive them into darkness

“Nine brave warriors
Walk through ancient forest
Getting a great power
The most requested by evil”

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Video přidal DevilDan

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