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Ease My Pain - text


I am Alone Here Again
Remembering your FACE
A Lonely Tear I Cry
While the Sun is Falling Behind the Mountains

There is no Sign of Life
Except for a Lonely Crow
Fighting Against the Wind
While it Signs a Song Full of Sadness

“I Love Her, But Now She’s Gone
Please Help My Grief (be vanquished)
Please Ease My Burden
Please Ease My Pain

I Can Feel the Pain
My Heart Feels Cold and Dark
The Rain is Pouring Down
And it Wash My Tears

I Hear Your Voice
It Sings so Softly
Your Love has Left Me
Fled from Me

I Still Relieve that
You Didn’t Leave Me
I See Your Shadow
In the Haze

I’m so Alone, and Scared,
My Heart is Pounding Fast

Text přidala Joker

Video přidala Richenza

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