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Formless - text


Broken bonds of self construction
Poise of mind's final abstraction
Leaves behind our conciousness

It's path we follow
To dispel our actions
We unveil the shadows
To release desire

Healing wounds of mental matter
We connect the fabriqued patterns
Merged beneath the flesh that's thread

It's a vital function
To induce the mind-fold
We indulge in suffer
Capturing the downfall

Tearing truth
Breaking through
Uncovering mystery
Sowings reaped
Delusive dreams
Emerging seeds
Our hollow deeds

Feeling skin
Releasing pain
We escape to innocence
Slow decay
Invoked remains
Petterned flesh in pyres lay


Emptiness enters through space
Piercing the essence of carnal nature
Lateral visions of dreams moving farther
Boundless endeavor awakens
Dwell in the mire of death
Demise and ignorance
Leaving the fragments of dharmas
We fade through dissonance
Setting free through purity
Relieving suffering
Diffuse in depth of blissfulness

To continue forward
Feed the blind the fruits that we recover
Reached unfolded path
Time can only tell the path we follow

In my eyes I see my life go by

Search within thyself to discover truth
Beauty is within thee
The world's impermanent
A mirage we'll see only if we escape the dream
Gaze far beyond the bend
That blinds and chains the sense captured in reality

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