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This Is My Life - text


My parents always prayed for me
To be a decent kid
But I refused to everyone
I hate this shit
I cropped my hair, I bought my boots
And ran out on the streets
And fell in love with the heavy sound
And the violent beats

This is my life
My fucking way of life
This is my life
And I´m here to be at strife

My girlfriend likes to modify
She´d love to change my things
She tries to chain me down
And cut my freedom wings
But I deny, I kick her out
And chase her ass away
I am what I am
And I am staying on my way

My boss is telling me to change
He doesn´t like the way I dress
He always runs me down
And says that I´m a mess
But I don´t care what people say
I know most of them really suck
Nobody´s touching me
´cause I don´t give a fuck

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