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Late at night, in the park
You´re creeping through the bush
A young girl is coming down the way
Full of fear - she´s on the rush
You´re waiting till she passes by
Then you attack her from behind
No one hears her panic screams
You´re done when you broke her mind

The Cops are searching for you
They don´t know what to do
They are just lazy office jerks
They don´t have a clue
We hope they are successful
and they will find you first
Cause if we gonna catch you
it will be worse!

Late at night, in your house
You´re creeping through the door
Your daughter´s lying in her bed
And she´s the one that you adore
Your wife is sleeping down the floor
You´re waiting till she´s dreaming deep
No one hears your daughter´s cry
You are a rancid fucking freak!

Late at night, at your screen
Your big eyes soaking up the scene
With one hand in your underwear
You listen to his tortured scream
The boy is not even eight
When all this pain was brought to him
That you can just enjoy this shit
is a disgusting mortal sin!

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