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Chain Reaction - text


Hey you cunt what´s wrong with you?
I don´t like all the things you do
You call yourself like one of us
But wearing boots is not the goal

Hey you fag what´s wrong with you?
You need someone who leads you through
So come on now and go with us
It´s time for standing tall

Lets start a chain reaction!

What the fuck is happening now?
I´m always asking myself how
The youth lost all rebellion
The scene will fall apart

Where has all your anger gone?
Don´t think about what´s right or wrong
The fire has stopped burning
There’re only ashes in your hearts

Time for power
Time for action
Time to start a chain reaction
No time to run
No time to hide
Raise your fists, get up and fight!

Text přidal Siri161

Video přidal Siri161

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