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Aggression - text


With his mates standing at his back
He s the greatest guy in town
He’s full of nasty arrogance
Holding high his shiny crown
But later when its one on one
When you meet him on his own
The fear of being punched by you
Will calm the little bastard down

Aggression! Aggression! Aggression!
Release your aggression!

The people really stare at you
When you're walking down the street
They hate your clothes, your tats, your crop
And the boots down on your feet
You roll up your Sherman sleeves
You raise your head and walk with pride
With an evil smile on your face
You step in front -they step aside

You´ve always been crucified
Because you live the way of life
Every time you grab the steel
At the sharp side of the knife
Don´t let these wankers pull you down
They shall never break your pride
You want to be a part of this
So take your guts, stand up and fight!

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Video přidal Siri161

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