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Mutilator - Beware of the Scarecrow - text

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Scepter of Satan condemns this night
Evil sorcery forgot tomorrow's freedom and peace
Eyes of death begin their flight
Danger surrounds you, you better get on your knees
Pray the Lord, pray the mighty
A criminal anthem, symphony of bloody needs
The force creates an evil beast
The scarecrow and his scythe will make you bleed
Beware of the scarecrow
Fractured bones, heads will roll
The hunt has begun and blood is all spread
Overflow of blood, Satan's drunk
Catch the vision of this mortality reign
In your house, in your school
The bogeyman tries to pay his rent
To hell, to the end
Of Satan's war to conquer the Earth
Look at him, meadow's king
Raking your skin 'til the blood delights his sight
Scissors down cutting throats
Uncommon satisfaction to see the blade coming through
Awakening no more breath
The screams of terror from the forest's fools
Far land will be struck
But nobody's afraid of an innocent scarecrow

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