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Obscurity, visibly reduced to nothing
Cemetary, suddenly the smog covers everything
Unsightly, strangely the ground starts to move
Untimely, no sanity are you ready for your doom?
Nocturnal nostalgia, dead rising from everywhere
Crawling mortality, Necropole legions emerge
Loud yelling hades, screaming enough to cause an earthquake
Falling tombstones
Rising corpse proclaims the Prophecy
Frontiers of death down eternally
Alive mortification, let's go out and party
Searching brains that they need
Living dead right behind you looking for brains
Looking for the Life Fluid which makes you sane
Troops of the graves are coming your way
If you make a false move it's gonna be your last day
Are you ready to be eaten my friends?
Cause the zombies have just begun their dismembering dance
Scraps of flesh begin to fall
Are you ready to decompose alive?
You can feel your death awaiting you
You're beggin' God to come by your side...
Unaware victim, mutation from flesh to rotten meat
Zombie from now on, brains are what you seek
Starveling biter, father'n'mother in your plate
Tasting lungs, bowels, Organish Lunch...
But all the fairy tales have an end
Expect your real death to come soon
You will be burned to ashes by men
Take the time to look at your last moon...
Dripping Flesh

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