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At half past 12 the mission begins
A man outside has seen him running
So I have to clear it up now
Something important that I need to know
He is going to a nearby street
There waits someone that he's gonna meet
I have to see what they will do
Secret mission, I'll have to hide too
I reach the place and I've spotted him
I don't know what the hell he's doing
He's near a phone box, but there's nobody
The other one mustn't be ready
My instinct tells me he's gonna face back
Quickly I hide in a nearby park
Here I can see him without being watched
But if he leaves I will have to rush
I see, he escorts a young lady
Dangerous killer and always ready
And I'm aware that the man knows my face
She's never seen me, but yet I'm afraid
'Cos if he finds me, it's sure I'll be dead
Wherever they're going, I must keep their trace...
I've followed them for half an hour
I ran and hid inside the towers
I must succeed and find their shelter
Must be better than the Escorter
Suddenly I can't see them any more
It is what I've been looking for
They have just entered this nearby building
I managed to find where they're hiding

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