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Testing the boundaries, I didn't take advice
I plunged into the unknown and I paid the price
Finding proof of a system that shouldn't exist
I was now on their list
Abducted and locked up, tried to break my will
Treatments, questions to make me look mentally ill
All the time that I spent locked in their cage
Only served to build my rage
With their fnords they are trying to keep us in line
Behind secrets and lies they are trying to hide
But the moment of Truth is closing in on them
And it will all come out
They can kill the messenger a thousand times
But they can't kill the Message, forever alive
Buried beneath all lies and programming of mind
You will find the Truth...
I intend to be the Living Proof of all your lies
If you kill me, you only prove that you're alive
You are the Chosen, by a system of falsehood
And in the end alone you face your doom

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