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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times - text

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Welcome to the Empire
Travel weary friends
My great halls await you
A stay that never ends
Oh let me introduce you
To these wondrous land
Where magic fills the mountain
And sadness consumes man
Look upon my kingdom
Step inside my realm
Let your eyes be open,
To the pain I've dealt
There's such a sense of order
From the faith I've sold
Overwhelmed by fear
Under my control
Pity not the poorest
And pity not the weak
There's no other choice, but
To bow and worship me
This is the world that
I've made my own
Fill yourselves with wonder
The glory of my throne
Take a look around you
Tell me what you see
Is it not astounding, what has come to be?
These are the desperate souls
Of such tortured times
Clinging onto what they've left
Left long behind
Heed the warning
Heed my words
Now surrender, for
It's me you serve

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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times


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