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In the Mirror - text


You stand close to a door
Wide over you extends a gothic arch
A shiver runs through you
When you feel the eerie atmosphere
Driven by curiosity
You press the handle and walk through
And you go along countless pews
A magic gleam casts its spell all over you

Now you stop in front of the altar
Under it a stair leads down into the darkness
A voice whispers in your ear "Go this way"
You turn around but there is no one else
Like driven by strange power
You take the first step forward
The voice says "Go inside" and you do so
Your way runs through dark vaults
It is damp and musty
And you stumble into death bones

You wander around and suddenly
You get into a daze light and you are blinded
But when your eyes can see again
You notice very old men sitting in a circle
From a small raised place the probable oldest
Waves you close and talks to you
"Come and look, look into the mirror
And you will see, you'll see your true face"
And in the mirror starts to form a figure
It looks like you

You look into your own eyes but the picture disappears
Where just your reflection was a change is proceeding now
You see a creature with your face but everything is so strange
You're paralysed with horror as you see things like cruelty, greed and more
But the bell rings one and the picture is blown away
Still now your stiffening fades away you run for your life
You run back this way, at last you reach for the stairs
You stumble up and powerless you drop to the ground

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