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Fallen Angel - text


Fallen angel
Forgotten soul
Without hold

Fallen angel
Banished by heaven damned to hell
They have disowned you
You couldn't believe them any longer
Nothing that they said was true

You have confided in them
Their ambiguous words and lying faces
You have blindly followed them
Followed empty phrases
They have used you for supposedly holy goals
They've deceived you in their promises

Fallen angel
They have only used you
They have deceived you
Now you're in a void
Deprived of your ideals
Disowned by God
And his hypocriticals

You had justified doubts
About this realm of drifting clouds
You didn't want to believe them any longer
Couldn't follow any longer
They have betrayed you
But you broke the shackle
Now you're on the run
Easy prey to Devil
No chance to come back
No chance to return
You have climbed down
Into another world
You couldn't follow such a God
You have lost your trust
You are lost

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