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Under The Spell of The Dragon - text


We enter our magic cave
All dressed in black, for the feast
Moonlight possesses us
We are immortal

Pray, for the coming of winter
The dragon, the fire of the black spell
The dance, the ritual of the dark priests
Pray, for the coming of winter

I saw in my dream a vision
Four priests in black on a mountain
Keeping their fire alive
They stood at the cliff, gazing the sky
And prayed to the mighty gods
The storm they evoked, the fire still burned
I looked at the cliff, the four priests were flying

We hold black candles through forests we ride
We walk on the clouds to our kingdom we go
Our evil oath we hail
And we enter the spell of the dragon

There are shades that will not vanish
That are thoughts that cannot banish
We are powers of the unknown
And we enter the spell of the dragon

And our magic voice and verse
Hath baptised it with a curse
And a spirit of the air
When the falling stars are shooting a dragon

Shall my soul be upon thine
With the power and the sign
We are the black oath
And we enter the spell of the dragon

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