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Night of a Thousand Stars - text

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When the dark lands rose like grey clouds and
Their towers were cold and dark,
There where no man's fate could ever reach the
Sun,a demon travelled
Out of life searching for the lost dreams
The clouds are writhing in the flow
Of some great fire,as the demon
Travelled beyond the void and beyond the void
And beyond the lands of the eternal deeps
There the phantom lord dreams alone in the
Dark,surrounded by creatures
Dancing insanely for him!
I wait for I shall share with him the ancient
Wisdom,the ancient pain!
Frightening ghouls,mysterious births of alchemy,
They ride the wind
Crawling around the lord of chaos
The ruins of their trespassing are not forgotten,for
They brought sorrow to the earth
And created a hill of ancient dust
His name was praised with psalms that echoed
Deep into the night,the god was finally awake
As was written long ago
The flying lord then spread his wings and dove
Into the dark and so the earth will be possessed
And she will never see the sun!
I wait for I shall share with him the ancient
Wisdom,the ancient pain!
"Is this thy walk the rainbow no man
Hath walked?
It will cause a pandemonium on earth!"
"No man shall know my name or where I cometh
Haunt the illusions of the wind and dream...
Hold the planets in your arms and scream!
Release the creatures in the wind of night...
Release your powers and your storm with hate!
Spread your force Nyarlathotep:evoke the spirits Of the dead...
The night,of a thousand stars!
Walk the rainbow no man has walked and bring the
Hearts of endless moons...your highest desire!
Hear the voices of a thousand souls:invoke the
Demon and the ghosts to enter the gates of sadness
Hold your torch and walk beyond,
You are the amorphus creature lord...
A demon of a dark millenium...

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