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King of The Forest - text


Naked trees dancing in the wind
Hailing the gods and the ancient king
Through the fog and the silence
A sword searching for the weak eyes
The black veil shines under the blood red skies
The ancestral wood spirits disperse in the dark
As thousands souls by the merciless warrior
Screams of hate when crushing the skulls
The black spell haunts the victims for generations and generations
And their blood painting the ground
The crown the black throne coerce the humanity to thralldom
And caerulean sky returns to the black
Walking in the hillside when the forest
Walking through the region
And the silver axe of the warrior gives the sighn "no mercy"
Headhunter's heart is cold and dark
Freezing winds of midwinter celebration
Through the black clouds, the echoes of the weird wind I listen to
Unholy majesty of blood and glory
The Dawn of Martyrdom!

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