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Emerge … Through My Diabolic Possesion - text

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Stars hide your fire
Into the veil of dark
So light doesn't see my black,
My black and deep lusts
I could hear the bells,
And I was confused
I heard those distant sounds
But I could never find the bells!
I summoned the night and fire
And I felt dark emotions
I summoned the night and fire
The fog showed me the oceans
One night... the frigid rain,
Lead me back in time, in memories.
Unholy dark angels appear
They are coming like legions in fog.
They drank all my blood, and screamed!
I was white as the snow... I am dying!
I summoned ghosts and wizards
To enter my freezing world
I summoned clouds and storms
To enter my freezing world
Thirteen candles and thirteen capes
The sign, the sign of the Baphomet

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