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The Mayhem and the Pain - text

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louie's living with a fire in his blood
and it burns like a mother fucker
I've picked him up off the ground when his
cells were down and now its getting
tougher to stay motivated when the ends
in sight and the world keeps draging you
down everyday is another fight things
aren't the same cause he's not around
sometimes life is like a circle pit you keep
running round and round and sometimes
you just fall down and fall flat on the
ground sometimes life is like a pile of shit
but one thing that stays the same is the
mayhem and the pain that keeps running through
my veins I watched my friend Greg slip away
with a bump and a bottle I watched him decay
I could have tried to stop him yesterday now his ashes
are floating in Biscayne Bay and I listen to the
music we made everytime his face starts
to fade apart of me died in the van that day
on tour I missed his funeral by just one day

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